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Our adoption process is as follows:

1. An adoption application is completed by the applicant.

2. The adoption application is reviewed by group volunteers. Based on responses
to questions from the application, we do our best to determine if your home and
lifestyle will be ideal for a particular Doberman or for any Doberman.

3. A vet check is then completed by a volunteer.  We make sure all animals in the home are UTD, spayed/neutered, and on heartworm prevention.  Make sure you put your vet name, address and phone number, if any or all of this information is left blank we will not process your application any further. 

4. The applicant is contacted. Any questions or concerns are addressed and our adoption process is explained further. A home visit may or may not be scheduled at this time. (1) 

5. Once the home visit is scheduled, we will visit your home. We ask that all
family members be present. If there is a specific Doberman you are interested
in, that Doberman may or may not be brought along for the visit. (2)

6. Upon approval of the home visit, if the Doberman has completed all medical
procedures, the Doberman may be left with the new family. If the perfect match
has not yet been found, the applicant will be contacted as new Dobermans come in
to our program.

7. At the time of adoption, the volunteer will explain our procedure and our
contract. Along with a signed contract from the applicant, an adoption fee
of $250.00 or $350.00 (unless otherwise listed) will be collected.

(1) Our adoption application is for general screening only. Approval at this stage
does not guarantee that we will place a Doberman in your home.

(2) Availability of the Doberman for the home visit may be limited by health concerns
or foster home locations.

This outline of our adoption process is provided for informational
purposes only. The legal
obligations of the adoption process are
outlined in full in the adoption contract.

To fill out our online adoption application form click here: Adoption Application