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Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Adopt a Doberman

1. Why do I want a Doberman?

2. What do I know about Dobermans? What is there to know?

3. Who will take care of this Doberman in my household? Who will feed her? Who
    will take her to the vet? Who will exercise her? Take her to obedience
    classes? Who will she "belong" to?

4. Where will this Doberman sleep? What will I feed her? Am I willing to pick up
    poop everyday, rain or shine, summer or winter, in the yard or on our walks?

5. Can I afford basic veterinarian care? Am I informed about yearly expenses of
    heartworm preventive and inoculations?

6. Will I follow through on emergency vet care? Do I know where the nearest
    animal emergency clinic is? Injuries and illnesses usually happen when we least
    expect them.

7. Who will take care of my Doberman when I am on vacation? Can I afford to pay
    kennel or boarding care fees? Will my job require me to be away from home
    for extended periods of time--or even travel?

8. Can I deal with lots of short black or brown hair in my house and on my clothes?

9. Do I have the time to give this Doberman attention and exercise every day?